About Us

The team at Adore J’atore is fully committed to providing our clients with top grade A++ hair extensions which will give our clients the beautiful, natural hair and flexibility that they have always dreamed of!

Adore J’atore is the vital source for the finest Remy hair extensions.  Our signature product is Virgin Indian Hair, which is very carefully selected and picked from the BalaJee temple in the southern part of India.

We supply our astonishing quality signature product “Virgin Indian Hair” across the globe at a very affordable price.  Our hair is of extremely high quality and long lasting. In many cases with few minor cares our hair lasts for over 1 year  if properly cared for after purchase.


Adore J’atore Hair Features:

    * 100% Pure Virgin Indian Hair
    * Grade A quality
    * No excessive Shedding                  
    * Cuticles Aligned and Intact
    * Brazillian Virgin Remy Hair
    * Strong tightly sealed wefts
    * Sanitized and Washed with organic products
    * Deep Conditioned
    * Last over 1Year with proper care
    * Able to be colored
Company History

Located in Baltimore,MD, Adore J'atore has been one of the industry’s best kept secrets. The owners of Adore Jatore Hair Collection have over 15 years of experience in the hair extension industry providing customers with creative and innovative hair accentuations that will enhance their beauty. We have maintained our high profile client base by providing excellent customer service, immediate attention and a reliable and speedy service at all times. We will achieve our vision by continuing to utilize the highest-quality human  hair, the most innovative designs, sophisticated manufacturing techniques, and the most advanced technology available. We stand by our products and support our customer base, stylists and industry with comprehensive education, inspired marketing, innovative merchandising and individualized customer service.

What sets Adore J’atore Hair Collection apart from other hair extension manufacturers is its outstanding commitment to excellence and quality control. All items are under intense scrutiny before being completed. Each order is hand-washed to ensure it meets Adore J’atore’s strict quality control process before being shipped. Our passion is to inspire women  throughout the world to see all the possibilities of alternative hair.

 Our challenge is to continue to bring together the best minds and artistic talent to innovate and create the styles of tomorrow.

At Adore J'atore Hair Collection, our philosophy is simple. Women should be able to obtain long lasting, top quality Indian human hair, at reasonable prices. Whether it’s long and straight or short and curly, we offer exceptional human hair for your most versatile of tastes, and genuine hair that won’t make your budget suffer!

Are we the cheapest vendor on the web? Absolutely not, but we do assure an unmatched quality of pure Indian Remy Hair that will last you a long time with minimal shedding and no tangling.  After several years of searching for fine quality Indian Hair, through trial and error, came the birth of Adore J'atore Hair Collection.

Based in Maryland,  Adore J'atore has the expertise and experience to deliver high quality Virgin Remy Hair. We understand the needs of our customers and are dedicated to provide you only the finest quality human hair on the market. Our hair comes from  donors from the temples in South  India and Brazil. We are a small boutique company that offer PERSONALIZED service which means we take the time to make sure your needs are met and you will feel more like a VIP client as opposed to a customer!

For your convenience, Adore J’atore offers free customer support 6 days a week.  Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and the most realistic hair extensions that “look and feel so real you along with the people closest to you will think it is 100% your hair!”